Annual Wellness Exams

Annual Wellness Exams


Annual wellness exams are an important part of preventative care for your pet. During yearly wellness exams we get a health history and do a full physical exam to evaluate your pet. Wellness exams are important to find problems that may have gone undetected over the past year such as new growths, dental disease or subtle arthritis. Wellness exams are equally as important to discuss preventative care. Did you know that pets with healthy teeth and gums can live 2-4 years longer? Did you know that 80% of pets will suffer from arthritis at some point in their life? We want your pet to live a long and healthy life. Ideally we want to prevent diseases from occurring but if they do occur we want to diagnose them as soon as possible. Yearly wellness exams help us do just that.

Health history questions:

  • Has your pet experienced any vomiting/diarrhea/coughing/sneezing?
  • Is your pet drinking or peeing more than normal
  • Has your pet’s appetite changed?
  • Have you noticed any lumps or growths anywhere?
  • Is your pet stiff or sore at any time?
  • Do you do any home dental care?
  • What diet do you feed your pet?
  • What supplements and medications does your pet get?
  • Do you travel with your pet? Where?
  • Is your pet on heartworm preventative?
  • Do you have any other concerns or questions?

Wellness exams evaluate:

  • Coat & skin
  • Eyes
  • Nose & throat
  • Mouth, teeth & gums
  • Legs & paws
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Abdomen
  • Gastrointestinal system
  • Urogenital system
  • Weight history
  • Diet

After a full history and complete physical exam we may recommend further diagnostics such as heartworm or fecal parasite testing.  For older pets we may recommend screening bloodwork.  If any growths are found will can do a FNA (fine needle aspirate)to help determine if the growth is of concern.  The physical exam may reveal soreness , loss of muscle mass or imbalances indicating arthritis.  If indicated we will discuss arthritis prevention and supplements.  We will recommend vaccines based upon your pet’s history and level of exposure.  Finally , we will discuss nutrition and general supplements.

Your pet is unique and deserves personalized care!  From the first puppy or kitten exam until their senior years, we live by our mission statement……    “to treat your pet like one of our own, with unparalleled compassion, experience and teamwork.”