Surgical Services

Pet Kare Clinic offers a variety of surgery services ranging from routine surgeries to emergency surgeries.  Our doctors share a wide range of experiences with routine surgeries such as spays and neuters, lump or mass removals, dental cleaning and oral surgery.  We also have plenty of experience in emergency surgeries such as exploratory laparotomies, bloat (GDV), splenectomies, and more.

We highly recommend spaying or neutering your dog or cat if you are not planning on breeding them, or after they have bred and had puppies/kittens.  Find out more information about the benefits and risks of spaying and neutering here. (pediatric care link/page)

Dental surgery is based on findings from physical exams, or findings from an anesthetic dental cleaning. Dental cleanings are recommended based on grading of the dental condition, here you can learn more about the dental grading system.  While under anesthesia the technician and doctor can complete scaling and polishing, as well as full mouth radiographs.   This can show current and possible future issues that may require tooth extraction, or surgery if there is a tumor or growth in the mouth.

Surgical Services 1

We have the capability for orthopedic surgery, and internal medicine such as endoscopies through local referral doctors as well.  If this is something that may interest you, please give us a call.

What to expect:  Your pet will be scheduled for a morning drop off, where you and your pet will be brought into an exam room with the technician working with the surgery doctor that day.  The technician will go over the process and procedure, estimate and answer any questions or concerns you may have.  Once your pet is finished with the scheduled procedure the doctor will call you and let you know how everything went and set up a pickup time.  Certain surgeries warrant the pet to stay the night, which the doctor will discuss with you if needed.   When you come to pick up your pet, the technician or doctor will go over any medications, care at home and next steps.