September is Senior Awareness Month!

10% off preventative screening

Diagnose early = Treat early = Longevity

What do you mean ‘preventative screening’?

1) Bloodwork with urinalysis.  Testing urine with annual bloodwork can detect kidney/liver disease, urinary tract infections, and numerous other potential abnormalities.

2) Ultrasound.  Ultrasound screening can evaluate all abdominal organs and detect tumors/cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bladder issues, etc.

3) Xrays.  Preventative radiographs can detect arthritis/bone changes, organ enlargement, bladder stones, cardiac changes, cancer, etc.

These recommendations help detect early signs of various systemic diseases that can compromise your pet’s health and longevity.  Many times your pet might not show symptoms of illness until it is advanced.  Treating early can extend your pet’s life!  Ask your veterinarian what they recommend for your senior pet.

What is considered senior?

Giant breed dogs–5+ years

Large breed dogs–7+ years

Small breed dogs and cats–8/9 years +

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