Physical Therapy

physical-therapy-radar-in-pool-with-GraceWe incorporate physical therapy into our acupuncture and pain management appointments. We also do physical therapy on patients undergoing orthopedic surgeries whether a fracture repair or a cruciate ligament injury. Physical therapy allows pets to return to full function faster and to remain active for longer as they age. We use a lot of different modalities including pool therapy for the smaller dogs.

Physical therapy is also very important for pets that have back or neck pain and any neurological deficits. Check out this video of Radar the first time he was able to balance on the peanut ball. Radar had an acute disc rupture in his midback and was initially paralyzed from his “waist” down. With a combination of acupuncture, cold laser, physical therapy and a good attitude, he slowly improved. Radar has since passed on but this video still makes us smile at the big spirit inside this little dog.