This month is Housecall Awareness Month!


Housecalls are very beneficial for those pets who get very anxious or scared when coming to the vet, or even when getting loaded up in the car, and ourNew Year, schedule a Housecall! 1 goal is to provide the highest quality care with the least amount of stress to our patients

When your pet is anxious, they become on guard and stoic, which can make it more difficult to locate a possible problem area or makes it unable to complete the exam, which may require you to bring your pet back.

New Year, schedule a Housecall! 2What can be done at a House call visit? Some examples are, wellness exams, vaccines, exotic exams, cold laser, acupuncture, quality of life discussions and euthanasia, which can be helpful and less stressful in a home setting.

Most appointment requests can be accommodated within in a few days. We try very hard to make it convenient for you and your pet.  Call to find out what we can do for your pets in the comfort of their home!

Do you have an aging pet and would like to evaluate life moving forward and assuring as much quality as possible? Schedule a home visit during the month of January for 50% off the consult fee!

Please reach out if you have any questions.