Meet our intern, Maddy Richmond! Maddy has been helping out and observing here at Pet Kare all summer.  She is a senior at the University of Southern California and will be graduating this December. She is applying to veterinary school this September and is excited to see where her veterinary path takes her. She has worked with seal and sea lion rehabilitation in Southern California,

Meet Maddy! 1
Maddy observes an orthopedic surgery performed by Dr. Egger.

however, she’s enjoying her time here at Pet Kare and has gained a passion for small animals.  She has particularly enjoyed watching the variety of cases that come to Pet Kare and the friendliness of all the people that work here. In her free-time she enjoys skiing, ice hockey, and playing with her three-year old little sister.  It’s been great having her here and we’re really going to miss her when she goes!