Leash Policy

For the safety of your pet, all pets and people, we implore every person to have leash control over their pet before entering the clinic. Most dogs that enter unleashed are “nice” but many pets waiting in the lobby may be nervous and defensive. When a curious dog runs into the lobby, there is a chance that a nervous dog on a leash will lash out because it feels threatened or protective of its owner. Veterinary offices are not the ideal place for socializing pets. Please think about our little feline patients as well. Cats usually become very stressed when they are in a foreign environment and we do everything we can to make the veterinary experience less stressful. The last thing a cat needs before its exam is for a large dog to come running up to it, whether it is in a carrier or not.  Lastly, there may be contagions of which we are not yet aware. We ask all that all possibly contagious pets be kept in the car so we can assess their level of contagion. However, sometimes an owner will walk-in with a pet that is contagious before giving any details over the phone.  For all of the above reasons, the safest thing to do is have your pet on a leash before entering the clinic.

*If you forget a leash, we have slip leads hanging just to your right when you enter the building.