Laceration Repair

One of the most common (usually not life-threatening) injuries that we see at our clinic each winter are skiing injuries! Dogs skiing with their owners, downhill or cross-country, often get an arm, leg or foot caught under a ski’s edge. Many times these injuries require extensive surgical repairs due to deep tendon lacerations or transections.

If there is tendon involvement the prognosis is often guarded and at a minimum requires 6-8 weeks of immobilization, bandage changes and restricted activity.

Occasionally we see arterial lacerations from skis that can be life-threatening. The life of your dog may depend on the level of first aid they recieve on the way to the hospital.

If your dog has been cut and is bleeding apply direct pressure with a soft compressive dressing and your fingers. DO NOT place a turniquet. Please get your dog to the hospital as soon as possible and please don’t place anything into the wound (ie. no neosporin, hydrogen peroxide etc.)