In-House Laboratory Testing

Pet Kare Clinic’s In-House Lab Equipment

img_bloodlabPet Kare Clinic is proud to operate state of the art in house Heska blood analysis equipment, which enables us to perform diagnostics helping us make rapid life-saving decisions within minutes.

Recently expanded and updated in 2012, our equipment now allows us to perform many more tests in house. In house testing for applicable tests saves everyone time and avoids delay in treating critical illnesses. We also have screening tests for many diseases and can get results in minutes, before you even leave the exam room!

For more information about the blood tests that we can run in the hospital and why, see the following handout:
Understanding your pet’s bloodwork results

Other In-House Laboratory Tests

Urinalysis: Chemistry and sediment analysis to diagnose urinary tract infections and the presence and analysis of stones in the urinary tract.

Fecal analysis: To detect bacterial imbalances as well as the presence of parasites.

Cytology: Used to identify the different type of cells present in tumors, blood, and other bodily fluids.