Hospital Pets

Gandalf (13-year-old domestic longhair)

Gandalf is our main security personnel/night guard and he roams the halls up and down making sure no trouble comes to the clinic. The part of his job he likes most is wGandolfatching all of the activity at the Kum-n-Go (but he takes many breaks in the acupuncture room listening to the bird sounds). He is also very interested in helping with surgeries, but for some reason the rest of the staff will not allow him in the surgery rooms. He excels at trash can tipping. Gandalf also has cerebellar hypoplasia like his brother Moses and walks with a drunken stagger (but runs just fine!). He was Pet Kare Clinic’s very first patient in the hospital after they moved from Sundance Plaza. He was very sick and for months couldn’t walk more than a step or two without falling over. Thirteen years later, he is living large.img_0801

Outside of work, Gandalf (also known as “Big G”) lives with his one annoying little brother, Moses, and enjoys daily visits from his approximately 18 moms and 1 dad. His passions, hobbies, and interests are all tied into one main desire in life: FOOD. When he is not begging for or eating food, he likes to gently bite toes when least expected, and weave in between the staff’s legs while they’re trying to work.


Lola (10-year-old domestic shorthair calico)

FullSizeRenderLola has been living at Pet Kare since the beginning of 2016. She came to us from the Doak at Casey’s Pond after her previous owner passed on. She is a sweetimg_1078 kitty with some undesirable habits which made her difficult to re-home. Dr. Paige graciously offered to let her live here and now we can’t imagine life without her. She can often be seen sitting in one of our comfy waiting room chairs, silently keeping company with the clients. From there, she is likely to sneak onto the pet food shelves and attempt to gnaw her way into a bag of dog food. Otherwise you can find her on her makeshift bed on top of Dr. Susan’s desk watching and “talking” to the birds out the window. She is a lover of flowing water and spends many hours sitting by the lab sink hoping someone can turn it on for her. She is very social and is constantly roaming the clinic and finding new places to lay down or get love. She loves to be pet and will happily roll over for tummy rubs.


fresh-paw-print-heart-tattoo-stencilRest in Peace Sweet Moses

We are so very sad to report that on November 21, 2016, our beloved hospital pet, Moses, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in the presence of Dr. Paige and several of his devoted caretakers.  As you will read in his biography below, he had used up more than his 9 lives while living at Pet Kare. His health had been declining this fall and finally diagnostics revealed that he most likely suffered from renal lymphoma. Every member of the Pet Kare Team had given him extra love in his last several weeks but that didn’t make saying goodbye any easier. We will miss you, our silly, goofy, soft and loving, loudest purring kitty of all time.

mosesMoses (8-year-old domestic shorthair)

Moses has been with Pet Kare Clinic for the last 6 years in the Human Resources department. His main duty is on-call stress relief. His specialty is working with people, but he is not really a ‘dog person’. His favorite part of working here is being picked up and given ‘loves’ by so many people every day. Moses was born with feline distemper and has had cerebellar hypoplasia his whole life, which makes him walk like a drunken sailor. During the first few years of his life, Moses was very sick and used up more than his 9 lives. Many days, the staff said their goodbyes, only for Moses to miraculously recover by the next day. If he didn’t live at Pet Kare Clinic, he wouldn’t be alive today.

Outside of work, Moses lives at the clinic with his older brother, Gandalf, and approximately 18 moms and 1 dad. He loves waiting by the treatment door and asking to go up front…and then to the back…and then to the front. He is very passionate about boxes—all shapes and sizes. He prefers to sit in boxes, not on boxes. He also enjoys boxing with Gandalf, and pretty much anything to do with the word ‘box’.

Both Moses and Gandalf came to Pet Kare as young kittens destined to be put down because of their very poor health conditions. They have spent all but a few weeks of their lives at Pet Kare and give all of us loves and petting whenever we need it. We couldn’t do our jobs without these guys!