Many of you know our clinic kitty Gandolf (aka Big G).  He can be found wondering around the clinic with his big green eyes fixed on anything edible. If  you have seen him,  you may have noticed that he’s a little wobbly on his feet. Gandalph was PKC’s very first patient in our current location. He was just a tiny kitten with a poor prognosis since he was born with cerebellar hypoplasia due to his mom having panleukopenia while she was pregnant. The result is neurologic abnormalities from which most kitten don’t survive. But G is a fighter and he’s still going strong at 14 years of age!

However, he started having seizures in September and had to be hospitalized for more than a week at the Rocky Mountain Veterinary Neurology department in Englewood. Thanks to Dr. Lane and his awesome team, in addition to medications, he’s back home at the clinic and seizure free. Now he gets a baby food treat twice a day (shhh, he doesn’t know his meds are in there) for which he goes absolutely crazy!

Next time you’re in give the Big G a thumbs up.  He is a brave kitty.