As much as we love our celebrations, often our animals don’t. With the exception of the the Thunder shirt, all of our Fireworks and Pets 1recommendations are most helpful when used proactively, before the fireworks actually begin.

You can view the Steamboat Fireworks Winter Schedule here.

Here are some tips for providing comfort during loud celebrations:

Desensitize: to firework/thunder sounds by playing a YouTube video when the family is present and calm in a controlled environment. This method requires a lot of time and patience. Start with shorter, quieter sessions and gradually work up to longer and louder. It’s best to start this method during long periods of time when there is no actual stimulus. For example, summer time wouldn’t be the best time to begin desensitization.

Thunder shirts: these can be purchased online and provide a comfortable compressive force likFireworks and Pets 2e a hug to calm down nervous animals.

Anti-anxiety medications: these medications can be given so our animals don’t stress unduly with these loud unexpected noises. Please contact your veterinarian to find out which medication would be best for your pet.  Some of these are homeopathic and over-the-counter while others are available by prescription only.