Emergency Services

We are available for you and your pet 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

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Our doctors and veterinary technicians all have extensive experience with emergencies.   You can count on us to care and to be there for you and your pet without fail.

What to expect

After hours emergency calls are almost always answered by the veterinarian.  On rare occasions you may have to leave a voicemail if the doctor is occupied with another emergency situation.  Leave your phone number and the doctor or veterinary technician will call you back as soon as possible, typically within 5 minutes.  The doctor will help you determine if your pet needs to be seen immediately and will meet you at Pet Kare Clinic as soon as possible.  Some issues may not require immediate care and the veterinarian will give you advice about what you can do from home and when to call if your pet’s situation progresses.  If your pet does not need to be seen there is no charge for an after hours phone consultation.    We would rather have you call us if you are worried about your pet.  That’s why we’re here!

The doctor may ask you questions about your pets condition including your pets temperature.  Normal values are listed below.  Other questions we may ask include:

  • Evidence of pain or bleeding?
  • Any difficulty breathing
  • Was there an obvious injury or trauma?
  • Is your pet limping? Unable or unwilling to walk?
  • Did the symptoms come on slowly or fast?
  • Any vomiting or diarrhea and when did it start?
  • Any exposure to toxins? (antifreeze, compost piles or trash, marijuana, mushrooms, human medications, plants)
  • Is your pet up to date on vaccines?
  • Is your pet’s  appetite normal?
  • What medications or supplements does your pet take?

Normal Vitals


  • Temperature (100.2-102.7F)
  • Heart rate (70-120),
  • Respiratory rate (18-34)

How to check your dog’s vitals at home:



  • Temperature (100.5-102.5F)
  • Heart rate (120-140)
  • Respiratory rate (16-40)

How to check your cat’s vitals at home:


Common Emergencies

Emergency Surgery

We have the experience, facilities and support staff to do many common emergency surgeries such as GVD (gastric dilatation and volvulus), splenectomy, GI foreign body removal, C-sections,  diaphragmatic hernias and other internal trauma.

More details on emergency surgeries can be found under surgical services.


If your pet needs to be hospitalized for the evening or weekend the veterinarian and CVT (technician) will be checking on your pet as frequently necessary to five excellent care.  The doctor will give you a daily update to keep you informed about your pet’s condition.

Referral Services

There are occasions when we will stabilize your pet and refer you to a veterinary specialist for more advanced surgery or hospital with 24 hour care .  We work closely with VRCC (Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado) as well as CSU (Veterinary Teaching Hospital).