Emergency Services

Urgent visits occur daily.  This is a wide range of possible ailments affecting your pet such as vomiting, diarrhea, limping, lacerations, eye issues, urinary issues, and so much more.

We offer a Drop off service for urgent/sick pets that should be seen that day.  Drop off is as it sounds, meaning your pet will be dropped up with us so we can triage the sick or injured animals and treat them based on their level of injury/illness.

What to expect:  You and your pet will be brought into an exam room together, where a technician working with our drop off doctor will come in to receive information about what is going on and collect a comprehensive medical history of your pet.  They will give you a treatment plan based on what your pet is being seen for, with an estimate of cost pending on the doctor’s plan.  These estimates are likely to have a wide range of cost depending on the best route of care for your pet.  Once your pet has been treated the doctor will give you a call to go over findings and the treatment plan and set up a time to pick up your pet.  At pick up, the technician will go over other information about what was done today, what needs to be done and next steps.

In case of Emergency we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  If your pet is having an Emergency we will see them right away, or if it is after-hours we have a doctor and technician on call and available.  If you are experiencing an emergency with your pet after-hours, call our regular phone number and you will be directed directly to the doctor on call.  (970) 879-2573