Annual Examinations and Prescriptions

It is unlawful for a veterinarian to prescribe or dispense prescription medication to any pet with whom they do not have a current relationship. This means that if you think your pet needs a certain medication but we have not physically examined your pet within a year, we are legally not permitted to prescribe any medications for your pet. It also means that we are not permitted to sell any prescription medications to a patient that we have never examined.

Frequently visitors who are passing through, will ask if their regular vet can “call in” a prescription for us to dispense. Since we are not a licensed pharmacy, we are not permitted to fill a prescription medication for a patient with whom we do not have a current relationship.  If we are able to schedule your pet for a wellness exam, then we are able to fill prescriptions as needed for a year depending on any other requirements such as bloodwork.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.